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Structure Design & Analysis

Analyzing structure of the building accompanied by a complete structural calculation report and referring to the rules of engineering, planning standards that apply and code

2D & 3D Drawing

Develop design drawings, construction drawings, fabrication drawings (shop drawings) until finished drawings (as built). Besides being in 2D format, we can visualize the structure with 3D model

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Providing solutions to various problems in the field of structure, such as: analyzing the structure of existing buildings, investigating structural failures and technical support during the construction period

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Project Cost Estimation

Develop a Bill of Quantity / Material Take Off is accompanied by a Budget Plan for either structural analysis work or for construction work.

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PT. DTSE is a Civil Engineering consulting company providing variety of civil engineering services including Structural Design, Civil Work Design, Geotechnical & Foundations, Infrastructures, Design Review & Consulting, and Inspection / Investigation. PT.DTSE was established and confirmed by Deed of Establishment no. 14 dated 30th July 2014. Our works complies to engineering rules and codes. All deliverables are highly standardized. We are supported by well experienced experts in multiple projects at different sectors, vary from small to large scale


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